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Care Rx is the missing piece in the healthcare shift that makes the challenge of keeping your pharmacy in narrow networks simple, and your pharmacists and staff feeling confident.  CMRs, MTM programs, counseling sessions, you name it and your pharmacy staff has done it—all to improve your patient’s well-being and to stay competitive as a pharmacy business. This is why we created Care Rx®—an interoperable, patient-centric, clinical services platform that can do all of the following for you, and more.

Finally, an application that manages all of your outcome initiatives—with functionality continuously added alongside industry expectations—before you even realize you need them.

  • Manage current wellness programs

  • Manage patient data including lab work and immunizations

  • Provide data analytics and reporting using business intelligence

  • Report/transmit immunization records to state registries

  • Bill MTM sessions using X12 medical claim billing

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Access real-time interoperable data coupled with clinical programs to enhance patient outcomes management and pharmaceutical cost management.

Complete CMR’s and other MTM programs.

Access real-time prescription data integration that promotes quality measures and performance.

Enhance pharmacy services for medication adherence and patient compliance & education.

Improve patient therapy assessments with real-time access to clinical data and labs.

Combine clinical services and immunizations with billing for NCPDP D.0 and X12 major medical.

Experience more robust reporting with business intelligence analytics to support outcomes management and Star Ratings performance.

Perform revenue cycle management for payment processing, reconciliation, and reimbursement.

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