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Freedom Data Systems® offers a full range of Point-Of-Sale (POS) Systems that meet the needs of small drug stores to multi-store pharmacy chains. From a Freedom Standalone, for single register stores, to a multi-register system, for larger stores, Freedom Data™ offers a wide variety of options for retail pharmacies. Freedom Data’s PRO/POS® software includes the tools needed to run virtually any store at top efficiency, while providing quality customer service. Our command post Host System allows a business with multiple locations to collect, transfer, maintain, control, and analyze information efficiently and cost-effectively across the chain.

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  • Real-time integration to leading pharmacy systems

  • IIAS- and PA-DSS compliant

  • Scan prescriptions at the register and print Rx activity report

  • Price and mark down by product group or item

  • Hamacher, or wholesaler, zone prices

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Our PRO/POS® contains a distinctive collection of features based on more than 20 years of providing point-of-sale solutions for the pharmacy industry

PRO/POS LITE with text that says, "Designed for Independent Pharmacies. Can your pharmacy afford to turn away Flexible Spending Cards?" and a woman handing someone a card

• Process flex cards
• Track PSE products and deliveries
• Capture signatures electronically
• Receive updates to comply with government regulations

PRO/Shop with text that says, "Sharpen your competitive edge with the PRO/Shop frequent shopper program" and a smiling lady

• Integrated with our PRO/POS® system
• Easily charge a customer’s in-house account
• Real-time capture of information
• Built-in incentives for consumer participation
• Target-market very specific consumer groups

PRO/POS Accounts Receivable with text that says, "The PRO/POS Accounts Receivable module allows you to offer the time honored pharmacy tradition of an in-house charge account with many modern features" and a smiling man

Expand your business by offering your customers in-house charge accounts for all items and services. Manage these charges and accounts with our robust features.

Command POSt with text that says, "Manage daily tasks chain-wide and reduce stores' workload" and a man with his arms crossed

Reduce the time necessary to manage your chains point-of-sale system by centrally managing daily tasks normally done at store-level.

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